Potty Training

I have been tinkering around with the idea for some time of starting a new blog about finances and motherhood.  For one, I love to share a good deal with family and friends.  Secondly, I spend my days trying to be the best possible mom.  The perfect way for me to do this is to just write about what I know best. 

 The current matter with my oldest child is that of potty training.  If there is a subject matter hated by most parents, potty-training probably tops the list.  Our pediatrician recommended the book “How to Potty Train in Under a Day.”  Being the frugal momma tht I am, I decided to look for it at our local library.  It was checked out.  I put it on hold and within a couple of weeks, it was available.  There were two similar titles by completely different authors so I had to check with the pediatrician on which book was the correct one.  This is the book that she said was the correct one:  http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/A-Potty-Training-In-One-Day4.html

I just finished the book.  I didn’t take notes.  The basics of the book is that you must follow-it by buying the right supplies. The list of supplies:  a doll that wets that your child can put on the potty, 8 cloth diapers, lots of treats including drinks, a potty seat with a removable potty section, and this is all I can think of on about 5 hours sleep and not sleeping through the night for at least 5 months.  Basically, in less than a day you have your child in a cloth diaper that he/she can pull up and down . You demonstrate to your child what to do on the potty, how to remove the potty and put the waste into the toilet.  You also have a list of people that will be so proud of your child.  Give your child lots of positive reinforcement as soon as the pottying begins.  If your child has an accident, then 10 times you must quickly show your child how to go to the potty from different parts of the room.  When your child starts to potty, give him praise, hugs, kisses, drinks, and snacks that he/she will love.  Every 5 minutes, you must check and make sure that the diaper is dry.  You must keep asking your child if he/she needs to go on the potty.  As soon as the peeing begins, give your child positive reinforcement.  At some point, you are supposed to have your child put the doll on the chair to go potty.  Then make the doll have an accident and show your child how you will react when your child has an accident. 

Well, today was the day that I decided to try the potty method.  I tried to go buy a doll and my husband thought it was a waste of money.  (Rule #1 in the book:  you must buy all the supplies that the book recommends).  In theory, the book probably has the right idea.    The idea being that many hours are spent changing diapers.   A lot of money is spent on diapers (have you bought a pack of diapers recently?).  We have two in diapers right now.  I set a kitchen timer to go off every 5 minutes.  I brought the little potty chair downstairs that has the removable potty.  I bought salty snacks and favorite drinks.  I got my son to go pee pee on the potty.  I gave him hugs, kisses, lots of positive reinforcement.  I set the timer and when his diaper remained dry, I rewarded him with a banana chip.  This continued on and on.  Finally after about an hour, he wet his pull-up.  I think the book said to say, “Oh no!”  And then for 10 times I was supposed to show him how to quickly get from one part of the house on to the potty chair.  Well, this in theory all sounds good as well.  Have you ever told a 3 year old about something that they have no interest in doing?  Just getting the Pull-ups on the child was quite the feat and this morning I hid all of his diapers and told them that there were no more.   It is late and I am tired so what I can say is that we were unsuccessful with this method so far. 

I can definitely see the value in getting my oldest child potty-trained.  With another little baby in the house, this will be such a time saver not to mention the savings on diapers.

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